Sales Executive - Kim

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At FC70, you really get it all.
In 2006, straight after finishing my Master's degree in Marketing management, I started working for Fashion Club 70. I was a rooky, I had no experience whatsoever, neither in sales nor in fashion, but Fashion Club 70 still gave me the opportunity to discover the fashion industry and all of its magic. I began my career at the Kids department and learned from my colleagues all the skills that were necessary to become a good sales executive. A few years later, I made the next step to the Shoes & Accessories department where I learned to enhance my skills and assets as a sale even more. After years of working hard, learning a lot and becoming better and better every day, I became Senior Sales Executive and I am so proud to carry that title. I love the variety of my job: going to sales meetings abroad, attending international fairs where I get the chance to introduce and sell my brands, building long term and genuine relationships with my clients, etc. All the experience that I gained at Fashion Club 70 made me a more resilient and competent person, not only professionally but also personally. Apart from the many work opportunities that Fashion Club 70 gives each and every one of its employees, they are also great in throwing memorable team buildings, New Year's parties and after-work drinks. At Fashion club 70, you really get it all! Although in the beginning I felt like the odd one out, I know now for sure that Fashion Club 70 and I are the perfect match.
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