Shop Manager - Zara

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FC70, the fashion agency that we all refer to as ‘our second family’…
On my last job, we were taught that there must be a clear distinction between management and staff. It was the type of company in which a large hierarchical ladder had to be applied. Even though I loved my job, it just wasn’t the right fit for me. When I decided that I needed a new challenge, I came into contact with Fashion Club 70, a large fashion agency that in my opinion fitted perfectly with my experience in retail. To my surprise, it was much more than I expected and I mean that in the most positive way! During my interview, it became clear to me that Fashion Club 70 is a close family business, with great values and standards. It all just matched perfectly with what I was looking for. And that’s how my journey began at FC70. Now almost 7 years later, I can say with great pride.. We are not just seen as ‘those people of the retail’ but as a part of the family, of a warm nest called Fashion Club 70❤
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